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A Creativity Workshop

We are all creative people, but we often let our brains get in the way of the act of creating. We need to be reminded of our own instincts to make and bear witness to works of art. By tapping into our physical, sensual self, we can dive into a deep well of expression that yields stories and art.
In this 2 hour workshop, Sarah Ratermann Beahan will guide the group through meditation, movement and writing and visual art prompts to spark your inner creative fire. We will have a chance to connect, learn from one another, and heal our creative selves.


Healing Through Writing

SRB will lead small groups through expressive writing, breathwork, arts and movement exercises designed to gently dive into ourselves, draw out the stories that need to be told, and guide us back to finding peace. Sessions are open to anyone with an open heart and a willingness to go vulnerably and courageously inward.

Copy of 1_1 Storytelling + Healing Work.


Our Stories Will Save Us

Storytelling and Healing work is a process designed for individuals wanting to work through or explore something through language. We will use journalling, storytelling, creativity and mindfulness prompts to provide perspectives and healing. 

This is NOT limited to those who self-identify as writers or creatives, but can be beneficial to anyone open to utilizing their innate creativity to discover more about themselves.


writing + feedback + reflection

·      Six weeks of small-group work (4-5 people maximum). 

·      Each week I share a set of prompts

·      Members work on a draft and share with other group members 

·      Weekly meetings via Zoom, TBD (evening or weekend likely) 

·      $200 per person

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Image by Elia Mazzaro


Creativity Workshops for Teams

A well-tended soul is a more productive, engaged soul. We want our teams to be connected, inspired and healthy, yes? I'm developing a set of curriculum designed to ignite the creative wellness of teams. Workshops will vary from 2 hours to half day and are adapted to each team.


Your Project + My Perspective

You've got a project, you need feedback. 

You're in a rut and need some prompts to light the creative fire.

You want to document your story and are looking for a guide. 

Image by Jason Rosewell

I am committed to providing access to my services through sliding scale pricing and/or scholarships. These are noted in each workshop
, please reach out for details.

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