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Writing + Editing + Coaching

We all have a story in us.

Do you need a writer to help share your story?

A coach to help you through the writing process?

An editor to help you craft your draft?

My work is a little more nuanced than straight editing. I help people share their story in the most evocative way possible. The process of writing is as important as the product. 

The process can be, dare I say should be, healing, eye-opening. Full of growth. FUN.


Your Portal to Sacred Systems for Deep Expansion

Bewonderment is a joyful virtual offering that invites you to retreat, reacquaint, and rediscover yourself. 

Our intention is to make creativity a fundamental resource for all by inspiring individuals with a monthly membership, facilitating growth through courses, and empowering collaboration with retreats — creating access for daily creativity regardless of whatever life cycle you may be moving through.

  • monthly membership program

  • six-month training

  • remote retreats

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And Introduction to Creativity + Wellness

The basic foundation of Creatology:

  1. We are all creative.

  2. Creating is good for us.

  3. You don’t have to be good at creating to benefit from it.

Learn more about how creativity works, how you can tap into it in small, manageable doses, and how living a creative life will support your health and wellness. 

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I am committed to providing access to my services through sliding scale pricing and/or scholarships. These are noted in each workshop, please reach out for details.