• Sarah Ratermann Beahan

You Don't Have To

You do not have to suddenly be productive with your newfound shelter-in-place time.

You do not have to suddenly dig that half finished novel out of your desk drawer and start pecking away.

Or decided to implement a new (or ANY) fitness regimen.

Or pick up watercolor painting.

Or tackle all those house projects you've been meaning to get around to.


  1. Stay healthy and keep others healthy

  2. Find a little joy in every day.

If this is how you feel right now, you're not alone

The myth of productivity is coming down hard on us right now. The idea that our value is intrinsically linked to our output (and by proxy, our income) is falling down around our ears. It's not sustainable, it's not even really possible for many of us to continue to work the way we did four weeks ago. And yet, when we are left to ourselves and our feelings, we are in a wholly uncomfortable territory, so we go back to what we know best: DOING.

I was on a coaching call today and this reminder came at me like a dump truck. Navigating crisis (any crisis, a sick family member, losing a job, a work catastrophe) wears us down exponentially faster than the average stressors. Burn out happens at a much higher rate.

What happens when we get burnt out? We get sick.

What is your job right now? STAY HEALTHY.

Now, the find joy part is step two. In the midst of navigating the crisis that literally everyone in the world is currently blindly stumbling through, we have to find moments of joy to feed our souls. That joy is what bolsters us, what allows us to take a deeper breath and stay well.

So if all you managed to do today was keep your children alive and appear as though you were paying attention on the fourth Zoom call of the day, guess what. A+. If you managed to walk up a couple of flights of stairs or get the dog out for a walk, YOU ARE DOING IT. If you doodled in the margins of your notebook, YASSSS, GIRL, YES.

I am about to reboot the Deep Dive workshop in an email module format. The goal of this workshop has always been to find creativity in small ways. It is not about accountability or productivity. It is simply a space you can hold for yourself to do what you're already doing. To lift up the small acts of creating that you do all the time, every day and shine a little light on them. To let those acts spark joy. To give you tools to keep holding space for yourself. Because the joy you find in the doodle in the margin (and make no mistake, there is playfulness there) is what will keep your whole self well.

More information in a few days. In the mean time, stay safe. Be well.



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