• Sarah Ratermann Beahan

Kaerus ArtSpace is Born

Long before I met Brian, I had a vision of a space that would bring people together to use creativity to heal and grow. I envisioned all things in that “creative and healing” bucket: painting classes, pottery wheels, massage therapy. At the time, I didn’t have the experience or the knowledge to make this happen yet, but the seed was planted.

Before Brian and I talked about getting married and LONG before we talked about a family or buying a home, we talked about the business we’d start together. We saw a space to bring people together around the things we loved: literature, art, and community connection. We pictured a place where everyone was welcome, where accessibility and inclusion were built into the foundation of the space.

First it was a bookshop with a gallery space and a bike delivery service. Then it was a gallery that sold books and art with an open studio. The idea has now morphed and grown into a three-tiered plan that integrates the arts, healing arts, bodywork and retreat. It has grown as we have grown and worked on our own healing. The more we use our creative work and bodywork to grow and heal, the more passionate we are about putting that at the center of our scheme.

This vision has been driving our decisions for years. It fueled our decision to leave our home in Seattle, pack it all in a storage and drive around the country looking for the place where we could nurture our seedling of an idea. It comes into every decision: where we live, how we make a living, not to mention how we chose to prioritize our time. Sometimes it’s unbearably exciting and sometimes it feels like we should abandon the whole idea and invest more in our retirement plan. As it is, just talking about my very measly retirement plan sets my teeth on edge and I still wonder if I’ve lost my mind following this pipe dream.

Every time I think the whole idea is destined for the scrap bin, a new opening shows itself. That seedling surprises me by growing up out of the snow pack and reminding me that it is strong and destined for this world.

When I am at my best, I am able to recognize the magic of an opportunity. You know what I’m talking about: when a seemingly chance occurrence leads to an opening or a prospect that you didn’t see before. This is the concept of Kairos (personified by the god Caerus), and it is the hallmark and namesake for Kaerus ArtSpace, the project that has been 10 years in the making.

It is Kairos at work.

And so, here we are. We found our physical space, the perfect spot to take this idea and make it real. It is a space where we make art and I write. It’s a warm, bright, open space for workshops and gatherings. It is, I think, a space that begs for people to come together around creativity and connection.

The conditions are right. The seedling grows. And I believe it is just about ready to bear fruit for the whole world.

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