• Sarah Ratermann Beahan

Being Well

We have been watching the COVID-19 situation closely as it continues to unfold. The landscape is rapidly changing and the ways in which the public is being instructed to manage it are changing just as quickly. We've been checking in with our trusted advisors, and have made the decision to postpone our April 4th Deepening the Creative Life retreat.


We are really bummed, but it's the right thing to do--to be proactive, to be cautious and respectful of everyone's health and the health of our communities.

In the meantime, I wonder...could we all use this public health situation as an opportunity to slow down and take better care of ourselves, body, mind and spirit? Can we let go of the nagging voice in our head that tells us to "buck up buttercup" and go to work or class or church when we're instead feeling like we'd prefer to sit on the couch with a book and nurse our bodies? Instead of being fearful, can we find in ourselves a sense of deep empathy and connection with our communities and use that as the underpinning by which we choose to be in the world? Rather than isolating out of fear, can we shift the lens and take time for ourselves apart from others out of love and care for our fellow humans?

If you are, like me, practicing social distancing but are hungry for connection and inspiration, I have created a Facebook group called Create & Be Well in response to the pandemic. I'll be posting simple, accessible creative prompts to help folks engage and reflect in ways that will support their wellbeing. Members are invited to share and connect, so that we lift each other up in these trying times. If you are interested, I'll add you to the group--it is a closed group to ensure everyone feels comfortable sharing their work/thoughts.

I hope you'll join if it feels right for you. Because we are all just doing the next right thing, yes?

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