• Sarah Ratermann Beahan

Being Creative: YOU ARE DOING IT

I really love when I’m right. And before you accuse me of being flippant or cavalier, let me just say how little I care about the actual being right; I am mostly so amazed and filled with hope that I am, in fact, right.

Because I have been saying for years that creativity will save us. It bolsters us in our times of crisis, it is a salve for the embattled soul. It is an outlet, an inspiration…but it also is quite literally saving our lives.

I am seeing it all around me. Every time I open the news, I see articles with the numbers of people infected, recovered, fatalities. I see numbers of dollars allocated to humans, businesses, states. But I also see posts like this one:

And this one:

I see posts of my friends making “stained glass” on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and their kiddos. I see neighborhood creating social distancing scavenger hunts with bears and shamrocks in the windows. I see people getting really innovative with the way the use technology to teach, to have meetings, to console one another. I am watching restaurants figure out how to cook and share meals through makeshift drive-thru windows. Distilleries are making hand sanitizer.

Creativity is saving us. And for every single person who has ever said “I’m not the creative type,” to you I say BULLSHIT. We are humans, we are built to get real creative when we need to.

And I ask you this…you are all getting creative in how you cook, teach your kids, have meetings, reach the outcomes on the strategic plan. How are you using this deep well of creativity to take care of yourselves? Because I promise, I swear, take ten minutes. Doodle. Journal. Sing in the shower. Cook eggs. Whatever. But it will help. I know it because I see the evidence every day.

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