COVID-19 Chronicles #1

I’m writing a diary documenting all things COVID-19 to make meaning of these life changing circumstance for present and future generations.

Being Creative: YOU ARE DOING IT

Creativity is saving us. And for every single person who has ever said “I’m not the creative type,” to you I say BULLSHIT. We are humans, we

Because it Loves Me Back

We must be willing to give up the life we planned, so we can live the life that is waiting for us. ~ Joseph Campbell teaching hard lessons.

One True Thing

I've put together 14 days of journaling prompts that will arrive in your email box each morning starting June 10.

In Defense of Ebb

It's Pisces season and this gal with her moon smack in Pisces is feeling all the feelings, as I suppose is to be expected. These feelings...

The Self-Help Myth

When I was younger, I was besieged with dissatisfaction. Everything in my life felt just good enough--my work, my relationship, even the...