State of Bewonderment: Episode 7

What is the heavy side to wondering? Can daydreaming be hazardous? What if our minds wander into dark spaces?

State of Bewonderment Ep: 1

State of Bewonderment is a written and visual exploration into moments of bewonderment.

Covid and Me: Epilogue

Sheree B shares her story of uber isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how creating opened up a whole new world.

Reckoning & Delight 2

What if all the practices I rely on as path to healing are just crap? And here I am, allowing the internet to witness my loss of faith?

Reckoning, The first one

I’d been talking to my students about embracing wonder in their world. This is akin to the idea of being in beginners mind.

Create a Life

How do you create a life from which you don’t need to retreat?

Breath of fresh air or impending doom?

I love winter. Despite being born during the dog-days of summer, the most anticipated days of the year for me are the ones cloaked in...

COVID-19 Chronicles #3

Updates from my corner of the world: I can still wear pants with buttons, I haven't yet cut my own hair and hope and resilience still exist.

COVID-19 Chronicles #2

But I did not intend to sit down to write about how angry I am. I did not sit down to write about grief. I wanted to write about joy.

COVID-19 Chronicles #1

I’m writing a diary documenting all things COVID-19 to make meaning of these life changing circumstance for present and future generations.

You Don't Have To

You do not have to suddenly be productive with your newfound shelter-in-place time.

Being Creative: YOU ARE DOING IT

Creativity is saving us. And for every single person who has ever said “I’m not the creative type,” to you I say BULLSHIT. We are humans, we

For Our Hands

Can find ways to take care of our hearts, our frayed nerves and our safety at the same time? Can we turn the mundane into something sacred?

Being Well

If you are, like me, practicing social distancing but are hungry for connection and inspiration, I have created a Facebook group called Crea

Because it Loves Me Back

We must be willing to give up the life we planned, so we can live the life that is waiting for us. ~ Joseph Campbell teaching hard lessons.

One True Thing

I've put together 14 days of journaling prompts that will arrive in your email box each morning starting June 10.

The Self-Help Myth

When I was younger, I was besieged with dissatisfaction. Everything in my life felt just good enough--my work, my relationship, even the...