State of Bewonderment: Episode 7

What is the heavy side to wondering? Can daydreaming be hazardous? What if our minds wander into dark spaces?

State of Bewonderment: Ep. 6

The hardest thingthat we will ever do is to simply be with our loves when they are in pain, when we recognize we cannot do or fix anything.

State of Bewonderment Ep. 5

Language is a living, breathing thing. This tool we use to communicate in dynamic and ever-changing ways has to morph and adapt.

State of Bewonderment: Episode 3

What We Leave Behind You can tell a lot about someone by the contents of their pocket. Mine inevitably contain the feathers/rocks/insect...

State of Bewonderment: Ep. 2

The Unbearable Heaviness of Going State of Bewonderment is a written and visual exploration into moments of bewonderment. What is...

State of Bewonderment Ep: 1

State of Bewonderment is a written and visual exploration into moments of bewonderment.


Deana Downs, a writing circle participant, takes a bold stab at writing flash sci/fi fantasy in Trillion42.

Americana in Triplicate

Americana in Triplicate A draft. Every fire truck in the county led the march Followed by several brightly painted muscle cars and a big...

The Unbearable Delight of the Nonlinear

Lots of writers can teach you mechanics, but I want to help people explore the why/why not of their work. I'm doing the same myself.

Covid and Me: Epilogue

Sheree B shares her story of uber isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how creating opened up a whole new world.

The Deep Dive Book: A Teaser

The conventional way of thinking is that Creativity is something outside of us to be mastered instead of something within us to be opened up

Overturning the Leaf

The flow of “work” is more fluid when we give it space to ebb, roll and return like the tides.

Reckoning & Delight 4

Love is a verb. It sometimes means pain and hardship. Love is being accountable and holding others accountable with compassion.

Reckoning & Delight 3

What a burden to be free of: the competition for inspiration.

Reckoning & Delight 2

What if all the practices I rely on as path to healing are just crap? And here I am, allowing the internet to witness my loss of faith?

Reckoning, The first one

I’d been talking to my students about embracing wonder in their world. This is akin to the idea of being in beginners mind.

Create a Life

How do you create a life from which you don’t need to retreat?

Breath of fresh air or impending doom?

I love winter. Despite being born during the dog-days of summer, the most anticipated days of the year for me are the ones cloaked in...